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Megaphone Marketing has released its Annual trend report of 2022 to help every business beat the competition, and skyrocket their sales in 2022. What you’ll find:

✅ Facebook ad insights
✅ Never-before-seen data
✅ Strategies to get you more sales
✅ Marketing trends of 2022 every brand needs to see

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Megaphone Industry Report 2022 Megaphone Industry Report 2022

We’re living in a new era — never before has the market been so open to buying online. Demand is through the roof, and supply is following suit. What does that mean? It means it’s an incredibly exciting time for eCommerce.

Now two years since the pandemic began, one thing is now crystal clear: the digital world dictates consumer behaviour. Online shopping is no longer a means to an end, it’s a journey full of opportunity for buyers and sellers alike.

At Megaphone, we spend 100s of millions on ads every year, and we want to share our secrets and our insights with every business, to help them to get record-breaking sales in 2022. In this report we explore:

⬆️ What’s trending up
⬇️ What’s trending down
? What’s coming next
? What will work for you
Josh Gowing, CMO

“We exist to provide brands the best chance at growing with the best marketing solution available. We utilise the brilliance and dedication of our team and combine that with both data and models proven to outperform other solutions.

We’re incredibly proud to debut our inaugural Industry Insights Report. It gives businesses an added opportunity to scale by leveraging proven insights and data from our proprietary system, the MegaVortex©.

We’re also so proud of the team as these results are a testament to the talented and diligent individuals across our company.”

 — Josh Gowing, CMO at Megaphone

If we’ve learned anything, there are two things businesses need to do to succeed in 2022: differentiate and diversify.

You need to stand out against your competitors. Your customers are no longer buying from you based on price, they’re shopping based on brand propositions and values.

Great businesses will showcase authenticity and share their values through thoughtful content marketing strategies. Those who rise to the top will be the ones creating low-fi TikTok-style videos that lift the veil on heavily-edited, unrealistic, and “fake” content.

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Case study: Happi Earth

We achieved a 15k+ increase in email subscribers, 14k+ increase in Instagram followers and 200+ orders generated.

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Case study: Alias Mae

Working with us over 5 years, every year, we’ve achieved 80% increase in email subscribers, 4% increase in CTR, 66.7% increase in traffic and 58.4% increase in sales YOY.

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